Keepin' It Cute In the Cool

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Hey loves! Now that the air is beginning to change and leaves are starting to grace the grounds, I bet you can tell that Fall is making its grand entrance! As colder weather comes, many of us ladies feel that we have to turn to boring, heavy clothing that doesn't make us feel stylish in the least bit. Who says we have to stay covered up as Fall comes? There are various ways that we can defy the cold, while still look good doing it! Here are some looks that are sure to have you leaving those boring layers of clothing in the closet! Hope you guys like it ♥

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Sweet & Chic
If you're looking to keep it stylish and feminine, this look is the way to go! Pairing tops, such as lace, with a jean jacket and leggings not only makes this look fall-ready, but it definitely brings that sweet and romantic factor while still allowing you to look extra chic! Not to mention, leggings are a great alternative to jeans, which makes this outfit different for a change. Topping it off with lace-up booties brings the finishing touches to a great fall look!

Sassy & Sophisticated
Some of us ladies feel that when summer leaves, so do all the bright and fun colors. In essence, its actually okay to believe that, especially when the weather shifts. As Fall arrives, many women prefer colors that are more toned down, including neutrals. If you're looking to play up your look this upcoming season, this can be done with these colors. Black sheer blouses are a great way to start! Not only is it sexy, but when layered, it also gives that mysterious factor. Pairing this with neutral-colored shorts, such as grey, also adds some variety to your look. Even though the summer weather is leaving, you're still able to take a bit of the season with you by rocking shorts! You can also give this look a fall-like appeal by wearing black tights under the them :) For a sophisticated vibe, this outfit is best tied together with heels. Not only are they feminine and chic, but they also give a woman that sass and sophistication she's been looking for!

Casually Stylish
As Fall comes, many of us prefer to keep it laid-back. Some of us turn to oversized sweatshirts or sweaters. A lot of us may even feel that these are pretty boring, but in reality, they're not! If you want to keep it stylish this fall, these tops are great to use! Instead of wearing sweatshirts or sweaters with items such as sweatpants and sneakers, make your outfit come to life by stepping outside of the box! Pairing your sweatshirts and sweaters with your favorite skinny jeans and heels are an awesome way to play it up!


Sweet & Chic
Jean Jacket: Papaya
Blouse: Rue21
Leggings: Forever21
Bracelets: Rue21
Handbag: Gucci
Boots: Diba
Sassy & Sophisticated
Blouse: Forever21
Cami: Charlotte Russe
Shorts: Papaya
Bracelets: (Gift)
Leggings: George
Heels: Worthington
Casually Stylish
Sweater: Forever21
Jeans: Papaya
Heels: Charlotte Russe

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