Cardigan Cuteness

1:21 PM

Hey everyone! Now that Fall has officially arrived, so have the sweatshirts and sweaters!This is the time of year that I like to call "cuddle season." And no, I'm not saying to grab your boyfriend or girlfriend and stay snuggled up all day long (haha)! I'm saying that it's time to get those cute and comfy pieces out that have you feeling extra warm this season! One of my absolute favorite things to turn to during the fall/winter is a cardigan--a cute one at that! Nothing says comfy and chic than this type of sweater :) Although the weather has changed a bit, I still wanted to incorporate a bit of a summer feel since the weather hasn't been too cold as of late. I did this by pairing my cardigan with some simple denim shorts, while adding leggings to still give it a fall-like appeal. In addition, since fall brings neutral colors, I decided to pair a white top with my brown cardigan. As I said before, I love a good boot in the fall/winter, so I decided to top everything off with my fave lace-up booties! What are your cardigan looks? I can't wait to see what else this season has in store! Hope you guys like it ♥

                                                     Stay fascinating,

Cardigan: JJ Original
Cami: Charlotte Russe
Shorts: Papaya
Tights: George
Boots: Diba

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  1. Love the chunky sweater! And I'm always a huge fan of tights under shorts! Rock it!