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Happy 2017, guys! We hope that this new year has gotten off to a wonderfully fresh start for all of you! Speaking of fresh starts, this year we've been focused on bringing you all more exciting content, and some of that includes letting you into our world even more! Many readers, along with those who know us personally, understand the love we have for fashion and every aspect that comes with it! But we've come to realize that many would also love to have a deeper sense of who we are, as well as a a deeper understanding behind the blog. Some of you had questions for us that you wanted to know, so we figured why not compile them into a little Q+A!  Keep on reading to find out more about us and the love of what we do :)

How did you develop your style?

Channy: For as long as I can remember, I've always been a girly-girl at heart--pink, ruffles, lace, sheer, skirts, dresses, heels--if it was girly, I was into it! My style is also pretty simplistic. I don't like to go over-the-top--less is so much more to me. So a simple and feminine-chic look has always been my go-to. I'm also a person that is easily inspired by the things around me, whether it's colors, people, television, or music. I love new ideas!

Dannie: People believe that just because I'm a twin, my style is the exact same as my sister's, but it is the farthest thing from the truth. When it comes to fashion, my style developed automatically based around my personality. Yes, just like Channy, I've always had a girly side, but I've always felt as though my personality has 3 sides: some days girly, some days chill, and on days where I'm feeling a little risky...bold and sassy! No matter the occasion, you'll always see one of these sides of me channeled into my style :)

What are your daily fashion/beauty routines?

Channy: For me, what I decide to wear is based upon what I'm doing that day. But the key things that I always like to keep in mind when I'm getting dressed is style and simplicity. So I may start with a cute pair of skinny jeans and add in a striped blouse and heels, or I may go for a shift dress in a bright color and add tights and booties with subtle gold accessories. As long as it's easy to move in and super cute, it's definitely a go!

Dannie: When it comes to my daily fashion routine, what I choose to wear is solely dependent upon my mood and where I'm going (work, play, at home, etc), but the two things that always remain key to my wardrobe are these: comfort and style. Just like Channy, I always try to start my outfit with at least one staple that will make me feel super cute and comfortable (such as a sleek pair of jeans, a comfy tee, a denim jacket, etc.) and build my outfit from there. 

When it comes to our beauty routines, to be completely honest, we don't wear makeup most of the time. The main things that we do stand by are a good lipstick/lipgloss and mascara every now and then. But here's a little secret: sometimes instead of using mascara, we like to use a small coating of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on our lashes. We find the removal of mascara to be a little tedious at times, so this is like the lazy girl's guide to bringing out the beauty of your lashes without the extra hassle. When it comes to lips, we are huge lovers of nudes and neutrals! On a daily basis, we tend to gravitate toward the "no makeup" makeup look, but if there's a day when we we desire a bit of color, nude lipstick/lipgloss with pink/mauve undertones are a definite pick. If we're feeling a bit on the edgy or bold side, colors like oxblood, purple, or grey are some of our favorite go-to's.

How do you get out of a fashion rut?

Being in a rut is never easy nor fun, and a fashion rut is one of the worst to be in. One of the best ways that we get out of one is to seek inspiration from the things around us. We are huge advocates for getting out and being around new people, places and things. This allows us to gain fresh and new ideas, and see things from a totally different perspective. Before you know it, your mind will be opened to different pieces, styles, and trends that you never thought it would be!

What sets you apart from everyone else?

The purpose of our blog isn't to tell people to keep up with the latest trends or do what everyone else is doing. Anyone can put on the latest style of jeans or shirt, or rock the most popular colors at the moment. Our aim is to inspire people to take those trends and make it work for their own sense of style. It's about getting people to channel their own sense of self into their wardrobes and create their own kind of beautiful--something that fascinates them. Plus, how many people can say that they have a twin that they can compare/contrast their style to? Pretty cool, don't you think? 

What is the biggest fashion risk you've taken?

With fashion, the biggest risk we've taken is remaining true to who we are and our sense of style in a world where society constantly demands that you conform to what everyone else is doing. It's easy to be a follower, but it's even harder, yet extremely rewarding to be your own leader and stick to who you truly are.

You do a lot of stuff for women's fashion, which is cool, but if there are some male followers that are interested in uplifting their fashion sense, what type of stuff should they wear or buy, etc.?

Even though women's fashion is our niche, we've actually been discussing the idea of branching into men's fashion as well, so this is a great question! People get the idea that men's fashion is a totally different universe than women's fashion, when in reality, both are on pretty equal playing grounds. The things that men should take into account when getting dressed are no different than what women take into account: the season, colors, prints, patterns, fabrics, and most of all, one's personality and sense of style. For those men that are a bit confused on where to begin, just start with the basics! This includes your main staples, the pieces that never go out of style and can be found in anyone's closet: a pair of jeans, a classic button-up, a white t-shirt, a blazer/suit jacket, dress/khaki pants, a leather jacket...the list goes on. Once you've found that specific piece, just build from there.

Would you rather be knowledgeable or wise?

Both! There's always room to learn something new and apply it to our daily lives. At the same time, it's always great to be your own sounding board and make your own judgments and decisions based on things you've actually been through.

Would you rather be successful or significant?

For us, being significant is far more important than being successful. Our aim is to inspire and make people feel good about themselves. You can say or do anything you want, but a person is never going to forget how you made him or her feel. Whether it's millions of people or just one person, the fact that our work resonates with and inspires someone is greater than any incentive or any other type of benefit or recognition.

-Channy & Dannie

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