Life Livin' #4: Spring Bucket List 2016

8:30 PM

Hey, everyone! Spring is almost here, and you know what that means...warmer weather, sunny skies, rain showers, swift breezes...but most of all, it means a fresh start! Whether that means a little spring cleaning, getting rid of old habits, clearing your mind and starting over, or even diving into something brand new, we know Spring has so much to offer and we're super excited! Now that we're saying goodbye to Winter and hello to a gorgeous new season, there's tons of stuff that we'd love to do! And just like we did for Fall, what better way to kick things off than with our very own Spring bucket list! We're happy to say that we accomplished a lot on our Fall bucket list, and we're eager to see if we can accomplish just as much, if not more, on this one, too! We hope that you all become inspired to embrace what this new season has to offer :)

-Channy & Dannie

1. Buy a fresh bouquet of flowers
2. Spring shopping! (because every woman loves a chic new look)
3. Festival season :)
4. New Spring makeup looks
5. Start planning that long-awaited trip/vacay (We ♥ TRAVEL!)
6. Spend more time outdoors
7. Go to a farmer's market :)
8. Take a morning/evening walk
9. Exercise more! (Gotta get ready to be Summertime fine!)
10. Take our dog, Bentley, on longer walks that he'll be sure to enjoy ♥
11. READ more!
12. Go to the beach ♥
13. Continue learning Bachata and Kizomba :)
14. Continue learning Spanish
15. Try fresh, new, yummy dishes
16. Keep blogging!
17. Go to new and different places
18.Take more time for ourselves. Unplug from the every day busyness of work and life. RELAX!
19. Continue to be more open-minded and become INSPIRED :) 

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