Valentine's Day: That Extra Something

8:41 PM

Some may simply see this as another Hallmark holiday, but if you're anything like us, then you know Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to get super dolled up for a night on the town. From sexy, sleek dresses to sky-high heels and everything in between, we're all for looking our absolute best on this day--but ladies, let's not forget that a little bit can go a long way as well. Sometimes it's the details that can really give your look that extra something. Below are a few of our "extra somethings" that will take your Valentine's Day 'fit to new heights :)

-Channy & Dannie

P.S. What's a great Valentine's Day look without plans? At the end of this post, peep our list of fun things to do on this special day, whether you're celebrating alone, with your BFFs, or with that special someone!

Flirty Fingertips

Wanna make that Valentine's Day statement without being too literal? Then a bright and girly mani is the perfect touch! Shades like these add just the right mix of sweetness and glamour to your look!

Dainty Jewelry

If you're looking to add a delicate feel to that Valentine's Day get-up, you definitely can't go wrong with dainty jewelry. Jewelry such as these necklaces are amazing options for pulling the entire look together. 

V-Day Smooches

Grab his attention on this special day with a sleek and chic lippie. Whether you're looking to go chic and subtle, bold and beautiful, or just down right sexy and seductive, colors like these will have him looking forward to those V-Day smooches!

Laced In Love

Nothing says "girly" and "romantic" on this special day like the lace-up trend. Just as us women opt for a sexy heel, a lace-up flat is just as flattering--and not to mention super comfy! Wanna know a little secret? If you've started wearing the lace-up trend now, then you're right on time because it's gonna be a big hit this Spring!

Sweet & Romantic Scents

Top off that V-Day 'fit with a sweet scent! Smell-goods such as these by Juicy Couture are sure to give you that perfect combination of seduction, playfulness, warmth, and romance. You'll be sure to set his heart on fire! 

Valentine's Day Plans For...

The Single Gal
-Send yourself flowers (don't wait for him!)
-Get a mani/pedi
-Get a new 'fit (because every woman deserves to look that much more amazing on that special day!)
-Have a cozy night in (a glass of wine and a good movie or catching up on your fave TV shows never hurts either)
-Read a romantic, steamy novel
-Cook your favorite dish--or even a new one at that!
-Have a candle-lit bubble bath 
-Treat yourself to a makeover
-Get a massage (because this day is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself!)

You and the BFFs
-A dinner date with friends
-Go see an awesome movie
-Have a girls night in. Nothing is better than sharing your craziest dating/relationship stories and encouraging each other to look forward to the best to come! (SN: Don't forget the drinks and snacks)
-Exchange gifts of appreciation to show how much you truly love and cherish your friendship!
-Go to a comedy show (because nothing beats Single Awareness Day better than a good laugh with your friends!)

The Couple
-A romantic dinner for two at your favorite restaurant
-Exchange cute love letters and gifts
-Cook for each other
-Get a couple's massage
-Have a romantic night in (because it's always nice to spend some quality alone time together)

No matter what you all choose to do on this special day, the possibilities are endless! We hope you guys have a happy, sweet, and safe Valentine's Day ♥

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