Make That Transition: It's a Spring Thing!

9:00 PM

Happy Spring, everyone! We can't believe the new season has kicked into high gear already! Who else has been longing for those cool, breezy days and hours upon hours of sun and fun to no end? Or getting home from a long day and it's still daylight outside? We know we have! But although we've shifted into a new season, some of us have yet to break free from those cooler temps, which leave many of us confused on what to carry into the warm, but not-so-warm days ahead. But no worries! We've compacted a little list of some easy, breezy transitional pieces that will make the leap into Spring that much more simple--and chic! Keep in mind that the items we've listed are perfect matches for many of your favorite staples and statement pieces. So don't be afraid to style away! Read on to catch more of our Spring vibes :)

-Channy & Dannie

Leather Jacket

Everyone loves a chic leather jacket for Fall and Winter--but who says you can't take that bad boy into Spring as well? Leather jackets make for a super clean-cut edge and are perfect for those cold and moderate temps! If you're searching for a creative Spring 'fit, try pairing your jacket with a chic romper or your fave tee and skinnies. A sleek cuff at the bottom is sure to add a chic finish for all the warm feels!

Light Knits

When we think of a sweater, the first thing that comes to mind isn't warm days on the beach or sunny days spent out and about. We tend to think of cold, cold, and more cold! But when making the transition into Spring, you can never go wrong with a light knit! This includes sweaters, cardigans, pullovers--anything that is light and airy, yet still comfortable enough to keep you warm and allows you to maneuver easily throughout the day. And if you just so happen to love layering, then a light knit is the perfect piece to do so! Try pairing a knit with a chic dress (flowy makes for more flirty) or denim shorts to channel your inner Spring vibes!

Cut-Outs & Peep-Toes

Even though Winter is over and done with, that doesn't mean you have to ditch your favorite boots or booties right away! Instead, give your footwork a bit of a twist with peep toes and cut-outs! These babies are super convienent for that extra converage in cooler weather, all while still giving you that extra warm-weather appeal that is sure to put some pep in your step! It's the best of both worlds, right?

Neutrals & Pastels

Confused about what colors to rock this season? Don't be afraid to turn to those trusty neutrals and pastels! Olive, blush, taupe, cornflower blue, lavender, mint, soft pinks...all such stylish picks that are great for making an easy, subtle transition while still giving you the choice to play it safe or go all the way with those cute pops of color!


Florals are a fashion powerhouse in just about any season, and they're one of the most classic and timeless prints to choose from--especially when making that Spring transition! Whether they're in a cute blouse, denim, dresses, or shoes, florals host a variety of looks: romantic, flirty, innocent, soft, feminine, light, name it! If you're still stuck in those cooler temps that go up and down, dark florals are a sleek pick. And if you're looking to warm things up a bit, light florals are sure to never disappoint. But when all is said and done, who says you can't flip and reverse these looks? Rules were meant to be broken in fashion, anyway :)


Another look that is making a sleek debut is sheer! Not only does it give a mysterious vibe to your Spring 'fit, but it also shows off your fun, yet flirtatious and daring side with a subtle peek of the skin. Try rocking this look in a chic blouse or that sexy LBD for a fun night out-- and throw in a choker for that extra cool-girl, feminine get-up. 90's vibes, anyone?


Just like sheer, lace has quickly become a sweet and sexy go-to as a pre-lude to the warmer months ahead! So many looks can be channeled with this pick--and believe it or not, the color you choose can play a major role in what vibes you want to give. For instance, lace in bold shades, such as black or red, make for looks that can be bold, sexy, sassy, daring, and mysterious. Softer colors, such as pinks, white, taupe, or even shades of blue can give more of an innocent, romantic, feminine look--it's all in what you choose and how you style it! For an edgy-chic Spring feel, try pairing a lace blouse, bodysuit, or even leggings with distressed/destroyed denim or with a leather jacket. This is where opposites attract and create the perfect balance!

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