Life Livin' #6: Summer So Far Part 2

9:31 PM

Hey, loves! Earlier this summer we shared with you our goal of getting out and doing more new things, as well as what we had been up to so far. With the season beginning to wind down, you know we couldn't forget to fill you guys in on the rest of our cool shenanigans. Read on to see what else we've gotten into the second half of this summer!

-Channy & Dannie

Paint Nite is something that we've been talking about trying for a while now. This isn't just your ordinary paint class--with food, drinks, music, and awesome people, it's like one big paint party! So when our best friend came up with the idea to go, you know we were all for it! This night's theme was the Moonlit Mermaid. It was pretty cool to see this one theme painted in so many different ways! Everyone's creativity gave each picture a totally different spin! We're definitely looking forward to the next one :)

Dinner afterwards at The Macaroni Grill :)

Penne Rustica!

A Saturday full of errands turned into a night full of good food and music with another one of our childhood best friends! TGI Friday's is a great go-to for an upbeat atmosphere, chill vibes, and nothing but fun. Looking to turn things up a notch? Go to Friday's on a Friday night!

One thing that we absolutely love about the oceanfront is that there's SO many things to do, and that includes golf! Although this was just putt-putt, it was fun, yet challenging with its many unique obstacles. And its jungle-themed environment made it that much cooler! Afterwards, we did dinner at Bahama Breeze, where it just so happened to be live Caribbean and Reggae music that night!

The Chipotle Beef Bowl :)

The Calypso Shrimp Linguine...can you say, "Muy picante"?

Needless to say, this summer's festivities have been nothing short of amazing--and delicious! We look forward to many more fun adventures that we know are coming our way! Let's see what Fall has to offer :)

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