Are You An Outfit-Repeater?

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We've all been there. Those agonizing moments of frustration where no matter how hard you look or how hard you try, you simply CAN NOT get that perfect look together. And in the end, you just say, "Forget it!" (to put it in nicer terms). Then you turn to your trusty t-shirt...or those black pair of jeans and sneakers that go on repeat every single Tuesday...or those oh-so-comfy sweats that never seem to let you down (hey, you're not trying to impress anyone anyway, right?). And before you know it, you're dressed and out the door, ready to see what the day entails. Before you know it, you've run into that one friend, and even if they don't say anything, their face says it all--"Didn't she where that outfit the other day?" Although not put bluntly, you've just been labeled an outfit-repeater...oh, joy. Believe it or not, you can avoid this embarrassing situation the next time around. There are ways to repeat your favorite pieces without it being so obvious every single time. With these tips, you can rock them over and over again, all while looking and feeling brand new!

-Channy & Dannie

1. Staples Are a Girl's Best Friend! Open up any woman's closet and you're sure to find the basics--t-shirts, jeans, camis, denim jackets...these are the easiest (and less obvious) pieces to have on repeat. For example, if you always wear that same black t-shirt with those same pair of acid wash jeans, try switching things up! Why not pair the black t-shirt with a pencil skirt, or throw on that cool white graphic tee with those acid wash jeans? It's a win-win!

2. Accessorize! If you insist on repeating that favorite blouse or dress, throw in some cute accessories to change things up a bit! How about bright arm candy? Or a chic clutch or bag? Or maybe even a fun fashion scarf? Little changes like these are the difference between obvously boring and repeat-chic!

3. Get Versatile! With a little creativity, some of your pieces can be worn in more ways than one! That fab summer dress of yours can easily be turned into a stylish summer blouse (just tuck it into your fave bottoms)...or even a skirt (add a light cardigan, button it up, and belt it)! If you still want to wear the dress as is, simply throw on a waistbelt and blouse out the top. Your accentuated waistline will make for a sexy and sophisticated look.

4. Try Outerwear! Sometimes your outerwear can make your outfit the ultimate showstopper! For instance, those sleek skinny jeans and tank top that you always wear with that denim jacket can look equally amazing with a denim vest. Or why not try a light-weight cardigan for those cool summer nights? If you want a more clean and polished look, go for a sophisticated blazer. Or better yet, take a trip on the edgier side with a leather jacket!

5. Keep Count! It may not be a big deal to some, but to others, knowing if they've worn the same piece every Monday can definitely save loads of time and embarrassment. Who wants to look like they NEVER have anything to wear? No one, we hope! This is why it is super important to switch up the days you repeat a certain piece or outfit. For instance, if you've worn that crop and high-waisted jeans on Tuesday, try it out on Friday the following week. A few extra days in between can make all the difference!

Staples Are a Girl's Best Friend!
T-Shirt: Papaya
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Bracelets: (Gift)
Jeans: Papaya
Pencil Skirt: Forever 21
Dress: Rue 21
Bracelets (Mint & Gold): Rue21
Bracelets: (Gift)
Get Versatile!
Striped Dress: Forever 21
Bracelets (White & Gold): Rue 21
Cuff: Charlotte Russe
Bracelets: (Gift)
Jeans: Papaya
Try Outerwear!
Cami: Charlotte Russe
Denim Jacket: Papaya
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Jeans: Papaya

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