We Turned One!

10:24 AM

We can't believe it has been one year already! It seems just like yesterday we were sitting in our room thinking of how we could get our foot in the door with making our dreams come true. For any of you who know us, you guys know that fashion has always been our first love and how much we want to have a career in the industry. We were constantly thinking of ways to channel our ideas and share them with the world, and the first thing that popped into our heads was to start this blog! We've grown and learned so much in the year that we've been blogging. Looking back to where we first began, it amazes us how much our styles have evolved. It's funny because we've had plenty of moments where we've looked at certain posts and said to ourselves, "What in the world was I thinking?!" But when you think about it, that's all a part of growing. In all honesty, this blog has been our saving grace. It has allowed us to expand our styles in so many ways while still remaing true to ourselves, together and as individuals.

We're so grateful for everyone that has been following and keeping up with us because without you all, we wouldn't be where we are today. In the time that has passed, we've realized that blogging isn't just about the opportunities or the perks that may come along with them. It's about opening your mind to, sharing, encouraging, and supporting each others' ideas, goals, and dreams. Inspiring others has always been one of our main goals in life, and it's truly an amazing feeling to help and inspire you all through our posts! You guys are one of the main reasons why we do what we do. Just being able to answer that one person's question or giving someone a new idea or outlook through that one post brings us so much joy. We only hope to continue to inspire you all and help you become the best person you can be! We look forward to many more successful years of Destination FASHIONation!

“Style is personality. It’s having the ability to look at things beyond fashion and the self-confidence to transform even the simplest thing into something special. It’s a natural quality you cannot learn and there are no rules to follow” -Dolce & Gabbana

-Channy & Dannie

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  1. Awesome, congrats! I'm coming up on my one year this fall, I'm so excited!

    1. Awww thanks! And that's pretty cool! Congrats to you as well :) It's really a great feeling when you hit that one-year mark. You feel so accomplished!
      -Channy & Dannie

  2. Congratulations!!