About Channy & Dannie

We are Chantel and Danielle Smallwood, identical twins from Chesapeake, Virginia. Fashion has always been a major fascination of ours, hence the name of our blog, Destination FASHIONation. But Destination FASHIONation is much more than just a fashion blog. It is a journey--a constant journey of inspiration. Our purpose for this blog is to inspire others to create their own kind of beautiful. We truly believe that fashion has no rules, so if you're not afraid to color outside of the lines and you don't believe in the "norm" of fashion, then this blog is just for you! We believe in creating looks that truly say who you are because your creativity and uniqueness say a lot about you. And once you embrace that sense of style, that is how you'll find the look you'll fall in love with over and over again! 

Fashion has always been our first love, making perfect sense to us at times when nothing else did. It has always played a major role in our lives, from helping our family members pick out looks for school and work, drawing fashion sketches of ideas derived from things that inspired us the most (TV, music, dance, travel, cultures, art, people), taking fashion courses in school, and even giving fashion advice to our friends. We've always loved talking about it, writing about it, and creating unique looks that will get people talking. For us, fashion is a form of art--the body is the canvas, clothes/accessories are the paint, and creativity is the paint brush, allowing us to create something so chic and expressive of our personalities, styles, and hearts. We truly can't see our lives without it! Our goal is to have a career in the fashion industry, working for a well-known fashion magazine or as a style expert. At the end of the day, the possibilities for us are endless. We aim to do what we love and aspire to inspire!