It's Wedding Season! Guest Style Tips + Tricks

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With the days getting warmer and Summer getting closer, it's quickly becoming that time of year for festivities galore--and that includes wedding season! Who doesn't love a fabulous wedding? in the air, amazing food, great people, music, and tons of fashion! When it comes to getting dressed for weddings, everyone knows that the bride, groom, and wedding party are the main focus of attention--but what about us wedding guests? While everyone else's attire is a no-brainer, getting dressed as a wedding guest can be a challenge in itself, especially when there's so many factors to consider. That's why we've become inspired by The Black Tux to give you all our tips and tricks on how to look fabulous as a wedding guest! As an online suit and tuxedo rental company, The Black Tux offers quality, convienience, and value straight to your door. Their Wedding Guest Style Guide offers amazing and convienient ideas for what to wear as a guest on that special day. And for the guys out there seeking the perfect look, The Black Tux has a stylish suit and tuxedo rentals page for more wedding guest style ideas. Keep reading below for all their wedding guest style ideas + our own tips and suggestions for looking your absolute best as a wedding guest! 

-Channy & Dannie 

Seeking a little more inspo? Here's some of our tips and tricks:


A cozy-cute sundress in a straight or A-line silhouette for easy movement and comfortability (i.e a skater or shift dress)
A sleek pair of pants in neutral tones (i.e. blush, taupe, olive, beige) for a polished look
A chic blouse in neutral or bold tones to channel the season

 Sleek dress pants (in darker tones) or khakis
A button-up or polo shirt in neutral or bold tones to channel the season

Semiformal Dressy Casual

A cocktail dress or LBD with chic details (i.e. lace, sheer, plunging neckline, off-the-shoulder, ruffles, pleating, etc.)
A stylish skirt in classic shades (black, white, red, etc.)
A sleek blouse or bodysuit paired with a blazer for a clean finish

A suit & tie in dark or neutral tones
Dress pants paired with a button-up and a light blazer

Beach Formal

For a unique take on a beach look, try going for a maxi or midi dress. A two-piece set, or even a jumpsuit puts a modern twist on the ordinary.
A stylish pair of palazzo pants in soft or bold prints, patterns, and colors--so perfect for that much needed ease and comfort!
A pair of flat sandals, wedges, or minimalist heels for a cute Summer feel

A suit or shirt (i.e. button-up) and pants (i.e. khakis) in light colors and airy fabrics

Black Tie Optional

A sleek LBD or skirt (i.e. pencil, midi, pleated, etc.) paired with a bodysuit in unique details (i.e. lace, sheer)

A suit & tie or tux in dark or neutral tones

Black Tie

For a unique take on your usual evening gown, try going for a polished jumpsuit (straight, skinny, or trouser-legged) or two-piece set in neutral or dark tones. Details such as sequins, lace, sheer, going strapless, or even high necklines add variation to your look.
A pair of minimalist heels, lace-ups, or strappy heels to take your look to new heights
Jewelry in delicate and/or shimmery pieces to set off any simple, chic 'fit

A tux in medium (i.e. grey. navy) to dark tones
A pair of patent leather shoes in classic shades (i.e. black, brown, burgundy) to pull your look to perfection

White Tie

For a ball gown reboot, try going for those in neutral, dark, or even jewel tones (purple, emerald green, magenta, teal, royal blue, etc.), high or low necklines, dramatic slits and cuts, and unique back details (i.e. sheer, low back, backless, criss-cross, etc.).
Jewelry that's small and delicate all the way to daring and dramatic
A sleek pair of formal heels (i.e. strappy, lace-up, minimalist)

A tux in a classic dark shade (i.e. black, burgundy) 
A crisp, clean jacket/overcoat to give your look that extra appeal and sophistication

A pair of formal shoes for a polished finish

**For the colder months**
Don't forget to layer up! Coverups such as cardigans, shauls, overcoats, trench coats and peacoats are perfect for keeping warm while looking your best in your wedding guest get-up!

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