Life Livin' #8: Dame Tu Bachata!

8:56 PM

Hey, beauties! If we've kept any promises to ourselves, one that we've definitely kept was to continue getting out there and trying new things! Recently, we were able to fulfill that promise by attending the Masters of Bachata Takeover-Fall Edition in Virginia Beach! Those who are close to us know that over the past couple of years, our love for bachata has grown deeply, and with every opportunity there is to be around it, whether it's music, dance, or both, we take it! This event just so happened to be our very first dance social. Yeah, we've shared with you all how we attend Latin fest every Summer, but this event was a little different. Not only was this a chance for us to soak in the various sounds of bachata music, but it was a chance for us to learn. A chance for us to take on the different styles of bachata, along with learning from everyone there from all walks of life...different cities, states, and even countries, such as France, Spain, and Norway!

Even though it was a first being exposed to all these new things, to say we had a good time is an understatement. Everyone there was super friendly and positive, the vibes were amazing, and we absolutely loved how everyone was so open to learning and respecting everyone's style of bachata. Even for those who were beginners, those who were much more experienced made you feel welcomed and right at home! We definitely had an amazing time and can't wait for next year's event! If this experience has taught us anything, it would be to stay open-minded to the possibilities. Don't be afraid to get out there and step outside of the box. Try something different than what you're accustomed to on a daily basis. You never know, you might just surprise yourself!  Here are a few glimpses from our fun-filled night :)

-Channy & Dannie

Our outfits for the night! We wanted to go for something simple, yet chic and sexy, so these bodysuits and high-waisted skinnies were the way to go! Nothing topped off this look better than a pair of sleek lace-up heels! We're so in love with neutrals as you can see :)

Things were just getting started!

A quick selfie in between dances :)

A birthday dance! Everyone circles around the person who's birthday it is. If it's the man's birthday, he will usually select the woman from the circle who he wants to dance with. From there, the women take turns dancing with him. If it's the woman's birthday, the men circling around her will take turns seeking a dance from her. Super exciting and fun, don't you think? 

Channy's Look
Bodysuit: Forever 21
Jeans: Fashion Nova
Bracelets: (Gifted)
Lace-up Heels: Chinese Laundry

Dannie's Look
Bodysuit: Charlotte Russe
Jeans: Fashion Nova
Cuff Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Lace-up Heels: Chinese Laundry

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