Life Livin' #7: Fall Bucket List 2016

10:30 PM

It's Fall, ya'll, and we're super excited about it! With all of the gorgeous sights and sounds of the new season, there's so much for us to look forward to doing. Last year we brought you guys our very first Fall bucket list, filled with all of the amazing things we wanted to accomplish during the season. With so many more goals and ideas going through our minds this year, we couldn't help but bring you all a brand new list! We hope to accomplish just as much this year as we did last year, but in the end, it's all about having fun and truly enjoying this beautiful season. What are you excited about doing for Fall? We'd love to know :)

-Channy & Dannie

 1. Long evening walks
 2. Visit a haunted house
 3. Stock up on & burn Fall candles
 4. Carve the perfect pumpkin
 5. Bake Fall-inspired desserts
 6. Capture the Fall sunsets
 7. Watch scary movies
 8. Decorate for Fall (more Fall DIY's ♥)
 9. Try a new recipe
10. Revamp our Fall wardrobes
11. More Fall-inspired blog posts :)
12. Visit a pumpkin patch
13. Collect unique Fall leaves
14. Create new Fall makeup looks
15. Visit a place we've never been to before
16. Go on a Fall date ♥
17. Read a good book
18. Drink hot chocolate

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