Top 6 Holiday Lipsticks

10:44 AM

Now that Christmas is just a couple of days away, we know the countdown has officially begun! Whether it's that office Christmas party, a festive get-together, or just gathering with family and friends, we know it's a must to look the part and make a statement! And there's no better or easier way to do so than with a sleek, bold lip! Lips have definitely become a main focus in any fashionista's makeup routine, and they're personally one of our favorite ways to play up a holiday look. With so many gorgeous lip shades going around, we know the choices are endless! Below is a list of our top lipstick shades that are sure to make those lips the topic of discussion this holiday season. Trust us when we say you'll love :)

Deep Berries

If there's any color that is sure to set off the holidays in a chic way, it's this one for sure! A lipstick like this will have you catching all of the right attention in all of the right places! Such a bold statement :)

Revlon: "Black Cherry"

Bright & Bold

Want to make an even bolder statement? Then turn it up a few notches with this bright, bold red! Not only does this shade have "sexy" written all over it, but it's sure to have you kicking off the holiday season with a festive flair! And who knows? This color may even earn you that kiss under the mistletoe!

Maybelline Colorsensational: The Creamy Mattes-"Siren In Scarlet"

Effortlessly Chic

Even though the holidays are known for those bright, bold colors, it's okay to tone things down a bit every now and then. If you're looking to add a bit of color without the extra effort, then these nude shades are a must! Not only do they do an amazing job of blending beautifully and go with any look, but they also pair nicely with lip pencils to switch things up a bit. One of our favorite ways to wear these shades is to pair them with a brown lip pencil. This combo has an amazing way of taking these looks to new heights :)

Maybelline Colorsensational: The Creamy Mattes-"Nude Nuance"

Maybelline Colorsensational: The Creamy Mattes-"Nude Embrace"

Dark & Lovely

What's a better conversation-starter than a chic, dark lip! This shade is the perfect pick to make your look stand out from the crowd. Get ready to make the holidays sleek and seductive with this color!

Maybelline Colorsensational: The Creamy Mattes-"Burgundy Blush"

A Natural Glow

Give your holiday look that unique touch with this stylish lipstick. This shade is a must-have for achieving that full-on natural glow...x2! Just like its name says, this gorgeous color will definitely leave anyone ready to receive those sweet kisses this season :)

Maybelline Colorsensational: The Buffs-"Maple Kiss"

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