New Year Room Revamp

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Happy New Year, everyone! We know it's been a while since our last post, with juggling working full-time and keeping up with our blog, but we're SO happy to be back! The last 3 months we've been working on a cool project that we just couldn't wait to share with you guys--a chic room revamp! Over the course of time, we grew a little bored with the same look, so we figured a little change never hurt anyone, especially with it being a brand new year! We were feeling pretty sweet and romantic, so after some long thought and creativity, we came up with this amazing fashion-forward meets Paris-chic result. By the way, there are a few DIYs that we included in this project that are super easy to re-create. We hope you guys enjoy this post as much as we do! What are some ways that you all revamp for the new year? We'd love to find out :)

-Channy & Dannie

Nothing adds a sweet and feminine touch to a room than a refreshing vase of flowers! For the flowers, we decided to stick with colors that are super versatile all year long, so we went with ivory and deep purple Hydrangeas. We found these on sale for under $5.00 at Michael's--our favorite arts and crafts store! For the vase, we went with the classic Mason Jar. We absolutely love these because they can be used for just about anything, and a flower vase was the perfect idea! To give it a romantic, dainty touch we added a lace bow accent and sewed a lace sleeve around the middle (so much cleaner and easier than using glue). We got this roll of lace for around $2.00 at Michael's and the large Mason Jar for $6.00 at Ross (another cool store for crafty finds). For the finishing touch, we added in these pink crafting beads found lying around the house! We just knew those old school project supplies would come in handy again one day!  

The final result :)

What better way to keep up with all of your pens and pencils than with a chic and creative mug! Typography has been pretty big for us, especially when it comes to positive and inspirational quotes, so we went with this cute piece. This mug was also found at Ross for about $2.00. 

Remember that mason jar we were talking about earlier? Well, we took the top and tied on some extra lace to create this neat little mint/candy holder! So convenient for your desk! 

Interesting and colorful reads are a great way to spice up your space! In this case, we decided to throw in a few magazines, along with this convenient holder. Intellectual never looked so good!

Ending result--this chic and organized desk space :)

One thing we LOVE that brings life to any room is a great picture! One of our favorite icons (along with Audrey Hepburn) just so happens to be Marilyn Monroe, and we agree this photo looks amazing hanging above our vanity. Speaking of that....

For more feminine and romantic vibes, we threw in this hand-woven basket (made by Channy herself) and these red roses. We also used an old perfume/lotion container to hold some of our extra hands lotions. It's amazing how useful things lying around the house can be! 

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful"--Sophia Loren

Another cool photo! Paris-chic vibes at its finest!

If there's one thing we all experience when it comes to organizing, it's trying to figure out where to place all your junk! Just because it may look like junk doesn't mean you must store it as such. Instead, grab yourself a stylish little storage box like this one! Not only will your things be stored away, but this box also poses as a chic accent for your room! We found this baby at Ross for $6.99. 

Not so junky after all!

More flowers, anyone? This vase was made exactly like the first one. We just added a bow accent to the middle and wove in some pink ribbon through the lace. We got this small mason jar from Michael's for $1.00. 

We're all about unique storage ideas for our jewelry (a dresser can only hold so much), and these candle bowls were the perfect idea for storing some of our huge collection of arm candy! Again, these were from Michael's for around $3.00. 

Kinda looks like something from your favorite clothing store, huh? :)

We added in all of these pieces for a clean and stylish dresser top!

We've always talked about having a cool bookshelf in our space, especially one that didn't break the bank! Instead of your typical bookshelf, we stepped outside of the box, got a little creative, and opted for this cute garden rack. We absolutely adore the design of this piece! It definitely adds to the theme of the room. This rack was $39.99 at the At Home store. You can also find a piece like this wherever home goods are sold in your area :)

As you can probably tell, we just can't get enough of florals! To add some life to our shelf, we went for a neat and artistic water pitcher. The cool thing about this piece is its aged/worn look--definitely a great addition to the floral/garden appeal. This pitcher was found at the At Home store for $6.99.

You can never go wrong with some matching flowers. These were on sale at the At Home store for $2.99.

What a beauty!

There's no better way to set off those sweet and sensual vibes than with candles--in this case, DIY candles! For safety purposes, we opted for this electric LED tealight candle. A pack of 4 was around $7.99 at Target.

To give it an authentic look, we decided to use another mason jar as its holder, and added in a lace bow, extra flower petals, and pink crafting beads for more creativity!

And voilà!

The top of the shelf :) As you can see, we love books! They definitely give any room personality!

A storage bin for more organization. We found this one at the At Home store for $12.99. So perfect for storing away those extra knick-knacks!

A bit of creativity does go a long way! And to think that this was just a garden rack :)

Another unique woven basket. This makes for an awesome statement piece in any room. We're all about neat and chic storage pieces! You can find something like this wherever home goods are sold in your area. The dollar store has great finds as well! 

Accent pieces take any room to the next level, and you can never go wrong with that extra bit of comfort! This chic fuzzy rug is one of our favorite pieces used during this project. So perfect for those cozy nights in! Just grab your favorite blanket and snacks, turn on that candle we just showed you, and have yourself a comfy girls' night! :)

Stay fascinating! <3

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