Vintage Cargo

10:07 AM

Hello, September! With the last few days of Summer upon us, you know what that means...colder weather is just around the corner! But that doesn't mean you have to start pulling out the sweaters and parkas just yet. Transitional pieces are definitely the right pick when you're going from Summer to Fall, and I've been all about them lately. I love how they give the perfect mix of the last taste of warm weather and the excitement of bringing in a new season. While helping my mom go through her closet a few weeks ago, I came across this amazing vintage cargo vest--and I was super excited when she said I could have it! You guys can only imagine all of the style options that were going through my head. Although vests can sometimes give off cold weather vibes, I knew I still wanted to take advantage of the last bit of Summer, so I went for this rugged-chic look!

I love a good vintage piece, especially one in a bold color like this, so I figured I would take it a step further and give it a modern twist. This vest includes drawstring detailing right above the pockets, so I pulled and knotted the ends to create a peplum for a feminine edge--how cool is that?! In addition, the sleeveless design gives you the convenience of still enjoying the warm weather or layering it over a long-sleeve top for when Fall makes its grand entrance. I opted for a white cami paired with dark, cuffed skinny jeans to let the color of my vest pop. For an edgy, luxe appeal, I added in my gold bracelets and this gold and leather cuff. It's funny because I didn't realize until after this look was complete that this cuff channels the colors of the buttons in my vest! As I mentioned before, it's amazing how perfectly everything falls into place when you just let go and go with the flow. For the finishing touch, I went for these sleek white heels--who says you can't wear white after Labor Day, anyway? Overall, this look is definitely one that I'll be going for again in the weeks ahead. It's tough, edgy, and sexy all rolled into one! Who knew that a single transitional piece could allow you to create so many different looks :)


                                                              Cami: Charlotte Russe
                                                              Cargo Vest: (Vintage)
                                                              Bracelets: (Gift)
                                                              Cuff Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
                                                              Jeans: Papaya

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