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Happy Friday, loves! The weather has been super crazy this week, as we just had a snowstorm which brought us almost 12 inches of snow! Talk about being snowed in! Since we've been stuck in the house the past couple of days, it gave us a bit more time to do some organizing. A few weeks ago, we showed you guys a couple of pieces on "Wow! Wednesday" that we used to organize some of our jewelry collection. That post inspired us to take it even further and reorganize our entire dresser! The awesome thing about this post is that almost everything we used can be found lying around the house! We're still not completely done organizing everything, but here is a peek at what we've been doing so far. We hope you guys like it and become even more inspired!

-Channy & Dannie

We actually won this cute heart-shaped dish at our cousin's baby shower and just knew we couldn't let it sit. It's perfect for filling with your favorite things--ours being lipsgloss! You can find a dish like this at any dollar store in your area.

This was once a box full of yummy perfumes that we gave to our mother as a birthday gift! She's good for trying to toss away old things, so we definitely couldn't let this one get away! We love how this box contains separate compartments, and with our nail polish collection being so big, this box was a great pick for holding it all! Not to mention, the colors of this box are super chic!

This container was once a perfume gift set from a couple of Christmases ago. We don't wear a ton of makeup, but with the collection that we do have, this box was perfect for storing it away. This yummy mint color adds the perfect accent to your room!

Here is another container that used to be filled with lotion and yummy body sprays! As we mentioned before, our jewelry collection is huge, and that includes our arm candy! We couldn't let this box go to waste, so we decided to make it into a bracelet holder. And no other color channels your inner girly-girl than a pop of pink!

This neat little basket was once a bath and body set. It's great for filling with extra accessories or other nic-nacs lying around.

This adorable hand-woven basket (crafted by Channy) has been with us since our middle school days! It's the perfect piece to add a bit of decoration to your room. To make it even better, we found an old hair ribbon and created a bow for the basket. Anything can be placed inside, so we figured why not add some cute (fake) flowers. This definitely gives it a sweet and delicate touch! In addition, this vanilla candle creates a soft and sensual atmosphere. A small, hand-woven basket and a candle like this one can be found at any local store in your area.

Many of you have probably seen these gorgeous jewelry holders a few weeks ago on "Wow! Wednesday". These were actually given to us as a gift this past Christmas! They're great for hanging your favorite bracelets and necklaces! Not to mention, we love how the actual holders are sequined dresses! So glamorous!

Here is what we've put together so far :)

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  1. so cute.. love the containers…